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In my classes and workshops, I use specific cues, give real-time feedback, and encourage self-inquiry to create an enriching yogic experience. I currently offer several workshops, all listed below. Have something in mind you don’t see yet? Let’s chat and work together to create a personalized workshop that’s just right for your studio.

Intro to Arm Balances / Length: 2 hours

When attempting arm balances, many of us experience fear, excitement, and confusion: how, exactly are we supposed to balance on our hands?

The good news is that with some awareness of how to engage muscles throughout the body, arm balances can become attainable. In this workshop we’ll discuss how to safely attempt arm balances like crow, side crow, and eight-angle pose while embracing the playful sense of adventure they can bring.  We’ll also learn:

  • how to stretch and strengthen the wrists for a stronger foundation
  • how to position the fingers and the core muscles for optimal engagement
  • how to use blocks and the wall to prepare for the poses
  • actionable steps to practice as you work toward the poses

Strong and Stretchy: Arm balances that involve flexibility / Length: 2 hours

In this workshop, we’ll encounter poses that marry strength and flexibility: peacock, flying lizard, flying warrior, and fallen angel pose. This workshop is designed for yogis who can consistently practice crow pose and who desire a deeper dive into other challenging arm balances. You’ll learn:

  • how to stretch and strengthen the wrists for a stronger foundation
  • how to position the fingers and the core muscles for optimal engagement
  • how to use blocks and the wall to prepare for the pose
  • modifications that will help you work toward the poses
  • stretches to help develop flexibility for the poses

Get Balanced / Length: 2 hours

Do balancing poses sometimes come easily and other times seem impossible? Do you struggle to stand on one foot, and find standing poses completely out of reach? Does your balance seem to vary depending on the day? Using simple techniques and intentional movement, learn to find consistency in balancing poses like warrior III (airplane pose), half moon, standing leg raise, tree pose, and bird of paradise. You’ll learn:

  • how to position the standing foot and leg for optimal engagement and more stable balance
  • how to engage muscles through the body for greater balance
  • modifications and variations to common balancing poses
  • strengthening exercises to help develop the muscles involved in balance

Align/Find Your Alignment / Length: 2-2.5 hours

This workshop grew out of my personal mission to help every yogi discover the alignment that works best for them. During my first several years of practicing yoga, I thought doing yoga meant making the same shape as my yoga teacher. If I was making a similar shape, I figured, I should feel what the teacher described. If I didn’t, I just needed to be stronger, more flexible, or more committed. Through research, observing students, and listening to my own body, I learned this wasn’t true.  Everyone, it turns out, has a personalized alignment.

I’d love to share what I’ve learned with you and help you discern how to align your body as you practice. Whether you’re an experienced practitioner or a new yogi, you’ll benefit from personalizing common yoga poses to get more out of your practice. We will cover downward dog and common standing poses like the warrior series, crescent lunge, triangle, airplane, and half moon. Centering and meditation will help ground our practice by preparing our minds and bodies for practice, and reflecting on our practice as we move and as we rest. This highly interactive workshop will allow you a chance to observe and practice poses, and give you plenty of time to tune in to what you’re experiencing. Through asking questions and sharing our observations, we will learn from our our fellow practitioners well as our own bodies.