How a K-Drama, an Indian poem, and a head injury taught me the meaning of life

I’ll admit that the title of this blog post is a little presumptuous. I haven’t figured out the meaning of life. But what these stories, and my own story, are teaching me is that life is for more than busyness and regret.

How I’m Working to Decolonize My Yoga Practice.

On the face of it, blending traditions and practices feels very inclusive. But this buffet-style approach to yoga is problematic because it transforms ethnically specific practices into a whiter, Americanized package to make yoga more palatable for Americans looking for a good workout with a sprinkle of spirituality.

‘Rest is our birthright.’

Yoga teacher Tracee Stanley discusses yoga nidra, connecting to our ancestors, and the importance of deep rest.

Self-care is not a luxury: A conversation with Krystal Reddick-Pollard

In this interview, teacher and self-care coach Krystal Reddick-Pollard, LMSW, shares practical ways to incorporate self-care into everyday life.