Fatphobia, Cultural Appropriation, and Other Touchpoints in American Yoga: A Review of Jessamyn Stanley’s ‘Yoke’

After reading Yoke, I can’t say that I have all the answers – but doling out answers isn’t the point of the book. More often than not, Stanley doesn’t recommend a path of action or a road to follow. Instead, she offers her own personal self-examination as a path for the reader to take or leave.

Redefining Minimalism with Christine Platt of The Afrominimalist

Minimalism isn’t just about white walls and sparsely furnished rooms, says Christine Platt of the Afrominimalist. It’s about living with intention. Her new book explores her vibrant take on minimalism and delves into the emotional and cultural reasons behind why we hang to so much stuff.

How I’m Working to Decolonize My Yoga Practice.

On the face of it, blending traditions and practices feels very inclusive. But this buffet-style approach to yoga is problematic because it transforms ethnically specific practices into a whiter, Americanized package to make yoga more palatable for Americans looking for a good workout with a sprinkle of spirituality.

“You Are Your Best Thing”: Shame, Vulnerability, and Race.

That I felt shame for things I had done and left undone did not surprise me. What surprised me were all the fragments of shame I had accumulated just for existing as a Black woman and daring to take up space.

‘Rest is our birthright.’

Yoga teacher Tracee Stanley discusses yoga nidra, connecting to our ancestors, and the importance of deep rest.