The importance of getting away.

One of the best gifts my mother gave me was going on a getaway. I was a junior or senior in high school when she cut off her nearly waist-length locs, fluffed her fro, and packed her bags. She waved goodbye to me and my father and took off in a plane to South Africa. It was the first time I had seen her go on a trip by herself that wasn’t to visit family or travel for work. I decided to take note.

How a K-Drama, an Indian poem, and a head injury taught me the meaning of life

I’ll admit that the title of this blog post is a little presumptuous. I haven’t figured out the meaning of life. But what these stories, and my own story, are teaching me is that life is for more than busyness and regret.

Stay Moisturized and Accessorized with These 3 BIPOC-Owned Beauty Brands

I love a good moisturizer and a standout hair accessory. The trouble is, both can be hard to find when your skin is sensitive, your hair is coily, and most readily-available hair accessories are designed for straight hair. That’s why I’m loving 3 BIPOC-owned brands that keep me moisturized and accessorized.

How a panic attack gave me a front-row view of race, healthcare, and mental health

I hold a fear that I will find myself, like so many in my family, seeking answers from healthcare providers only to receive dismissive responses that delay life-saving diagnoses.