Five tips for supporting BIPOC businesses + a few of my favorite BIPOC-owned brands

Hoping to support BIPOC businesses? In this post, I offer five tips for purchasing more conscientiously, plus a few of my favorite BIPOC-owned brands.

Every time there is news of a Black person harmed in an act of racist violence, I feel two conflicting urges: Watch and don’t watch.

Philando Castile was the last time I knowingly watched a person die. That’s because I belong to a people whose fates have been tied together for centuries. When I see these stories on television or read them in the news, it’s like I’m hearing about the death of a family member. Like it’s someone I know. Because it could be.

Pioneering Color-Inclusive Fashion: A Conversation with Ade Hassan, MBE, Founder of Nubian Skin

Nubian Skin founder Ade Hassan, MBE, has been instrumental in redefining nude hues in the lingerie industry. I spoke with her about the challenges of introducing a color-inclusive product, the ways Nubian Skin has impacted the fashion industry, why she thought it was important for Nubian Skin to contribute to the Black Lives Matter movement, and what she does to stay sane during the pandemic.

In praise of Kim’s Convenience, a comedy about Korean Canadians that reminds me of my Black American family

As Kim’s Convenience nears the end of its fifth and final season next week, I’d like to reflect on a show that makes me laugh like nobody’s business and helps me appreciate the path my grandmother walked.

Overcoming Imposter Syndrome and Learning to Dream

After more than 20 years as a Black woman in the workforce, I’m finally learning to know what I want, to ask for it, and to not be (too) surprised when I receive it.