We Could All Be Free: Critical Race Theory and Schools

At a recent school board meeting, a cadre of mostly white conservative Christians spoke against critical race theory. I couldn’t help but hear their fear that CRT will endanger their freedom. But the truth, as the saying goes, will set us free – and it’s time we start telling it.

Redefining Minimalism with Christine Platt of The Afrominimalist

Minimalism isn’t just about white walls and sparsely furnished rooms, says Christine Platt of the Afrominimalist. It’s about living with intention. Her new book explores her vibrant take on minimalism and delves into the emotional and cultural reasons behind why we hang to so much stuff.

How I’m Working to Decolonize My Yoga Practice.

On the face of it, blending traditions and practices feels very inclusive. But this buffet-style approach to yoga is problematic because it transforms ethnically specific practices into a whiter, Americanized package to make yoga more palatable for Americans looking for a good workout with a sprinkle of spirituality.

To become antiracist, I had to let go of the idea of Black athletic superiority. It was harder than I thought.

Unlearning racist ideas about race and physicality has been a hard pill to swallow. In a world where Black intelligence and mental prowess have been ignored, doubted, or downplayed, it felt comforting to have at least one thing that everyone seemed to agree Black people were great at: sports.