In praise of Kim’s Convenience, a comedy about Korean Canadians that reminds me of my Black American family

As Kim’s Convenience nears the end of its fifth and final season next week, I’d like to reflect on a show that makes me laugh like nobody’s business and helps me appreciate the path my grandmother walked.

Overcoming Imposter Syndrome and Learning to Dream

After more than 20 years as a Black woman in the workforce, I’m finally learning to know what I want, to ask for it, and to not be (too) surprised when I receive it.

Marvel’s new series is exploring race. Its observations couldn’t be more timely.

As Chauvin’s defense attorney tries to convince the world that George Floyd would still be alive if only he hadn’t been so big and the crowd hadn’t been so angry, a fictional series offers a dose of reality by insisting that no matter how extraordinary a Black man is, racism still lurks around every corner.