Friendship is hard. Interracial friendship is even harder.

How does one go about creating a diverse friend group? The good news is you can do it in three steps. The hard news is that it may take a long time and a lot of discomfort along the way.

How a K-Drama, an Indian poem, and a head injury taught me the meaning of life

I’ll admit that the title of this blog post is a little presumptuous. I haven’t figured out the meaning of life. But what these stories, and my own story, are teaching me is that life is for more than busyness and regret.

Stay Moisturized and Accessorized with These 3 BIPOC-Owned Beauty Brands

I love a good moisturizer and a standout hair accessory. The trouble is, both can be hard to find when your skin is sensitive, your hair is coily, and most readily-available hair accessories are designed for straight hair. That’s why I’m loving 3 BIPOC-owned brands that keep me moisturized and accessorized.

Can You Be Carefree and Black?

Can you be carefree and Black? Probably not, suggest New York Times bestseller The Other Black Girl and Hulu series Woke.