Cow Face Pose

Cow Face is one of my least favorite poses. So, why am I highlighting it here? Hips, for many of us, are the seat of emotions; we clench our glutes and hip flexors when we feel scared or anxious as our fight-or-flight response kicks in. The result can be tension that causes discomfort in the hips as we move around, or tension in the hamstrings or back even when we’re at rest. Cow face pose helps to release some of this tension. The pose also helps stretch the shoulders and triceps, easing tension there as well. Move slowly as you approach cow face pose; move an inch and then consider how that inch of movement affected your body. Then, consider whether you want to move an inch more or remain still.

1. Begin with your legs outstretched. If you like, elevate your hips on a block or a folded blanket; this is excellent if you have tight outer hips. If you aren’t sure, then try this pose on a block first.



2. Bring your right ankle to your outer left hip, so that your bent right knee rests above the left knee, or nearby. Remain here, or bring your left ankle to your right hip. Experience the shape you’ve chosen. Even out the weight between the sit bones.


3. Raise your right arm straight up and then bring your right palm to your low neck. There’s a tendency to bow forward here; instead, bring the shoulders over the hips, engage the low belly, and point your right elbow straight up. 

Next, bend your left elbow and bring the back of your left hand to your mid back, with your left palm facing outward. Remain here, or allow both sets of fingertips to drift toward each other. A strap or towel can help close this distance. Again, recommit to a straight spine, engaged belly, and open chest.


4. Remain for a few breaths. To feel a deeper stretch in the outer right hip, reach the chest toward the floor. If you still don’t feel the stretch in your outer right hip, bring your feet farther away from your hips. If you like, release your hands to the ground. Breathe a few slow and controlled breaths. Rise up.


5. Unwind the legs and shake them out a bit. Repeat all the steps on the other side.

Repeat on the opposite side.

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