Yogasmoga: A Review

I’m on a mission to find a great pair of American-made yoga leggings that can withstand the sweaty rigor of a hot yoga session. So far, I’ve come up short. I’d had great hopes for Outdoor Voices, which used to make all of its clothes in the US. I loved their Steeplechase bra and planned to make more purchases. Then, I saw that the OV had moved production to various sites overseas. After emailing the company, I learned that some items — mostly tanks and tees — are still made domestically. No leggings, though.

So, I really wanted Yogasmoga to work. This American-made brand gets pretty good reviews, and a friend who comes to our yoga studio owns a pair and swears by them. I ordered two of the Laguna bras and a pair of the Tippy Toe n’ Twist leggings in November, taking advantage of the amazing 70% off Black Friday sale. I snagged the bras for $20 each and my leggings for just $30. However, due to an influx of other orders and the company’s small size, the leggings took three weeks to arrive. I think they may have taken even longer if I hadn’t emailed the company to check on the order (at one point they declared the leggings I ordered were shipped, and then, realizing the ordered hadn’t shipped, they declared the leggings lost and offered store credit. The whole thing was a bit of a mess and may have been related to the company’s bankruptcy filing in December). When the leggings arrived (they weren’t lost after all), I was excited to try them out. They are opaque, fit nicely, and aren’t overly hot. However, when I tried them out at hot yoga, every drop of sweat seemed visible. Now, they are my home practice leggings, and I certainly didn’t need another pair of those.

In contrast, the Laguna bras arrived in a timely fashion and worked great. They fit well, move easily, and wick sweat nicely. The Lagunas are my go-to bras for hot yoga or home practice because they perform so well and look pretty flattering.

I’m tempted to try Yogasmoga again because of my friend’s high praises, and because of my positive experience with the Laguna bra. I probably won’t do so after a huge sale and, if I do, I’ll just make sure I don’t need my gear any time soon!

What is your favorite ethically made, hot yoga- approved apparel?

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