Recipe Roundup! Two Recipes for Your Food Processor

I mentioned last week how much I love my new Ninja blender system. Although I mostly use the smaller blender component (like, almost every day), I’m also getting a lot of use out of the food processor.

Below are two recipes (with my adjustments) that I’ve tried with my food processor recently, and that will likely make their way into regular rotation at my house.
Dark Chocolate Energy Bites from Minimalist Baker
You can always count on Minimalist Baker to create simple, tasty, and healthy recipes. These fudgy energy bites are no exception. They satisfy my sweet tooth while giving me a boost of energy. I subbed raw cashews for the walnuts, nixed the hemp seeds (I didn’t have any on hand), and added a dash of cayenne. I love the chocalatey results and cannot stop munching on these goodies.

Cauliflower Bread from Gastronomy
I’ve been slow to jump on the cauliflower tots/bread/hash brown bandwagon. I love cauliflower, but wanted to avoid what I thought would be a time-intensive process of creating these cauliflower concoctions. It turns out that the prep isn’t that bad if you have a food processor. This recipe for cauliflower bread is simple, yet tasty. Because I’m impatient and didn’t want to wait for the cauliflower to dry out in the oven, my “bread” turned out more like a hash brown, which was absolutely fine by me. I subbed a handful of gluten-free nut cracker crumbs for the cheese, but kept everything else pretty much the same. The result was a deliciously savory hash brown that was totally irresistible. I love mine with sliced avocado and a veggie burger. I also could see adding seaweed to create a mock fish cake as a stand-alone entree rather than a side dish.

What food processor-heavy dishes are you making these days?

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