More about the blender I can’t stop using

The one ingredient that can make or break your smoothie is your blender. Find the perfect ingredient and the leafiest veggies become smooth as a milkshake. In contrast, sub-par blenders create smoothies with flecks of greens that must be chewed rather than sipped.

That’s why I was elated to find a great blender in the Ninja Compact System I bought recently. The system comes with a full-size blender, a food processor (with an optional dough blade), and two 24 oz blender cups. Each component is compatible with the blender base, and each component works beautifully (I have tried every single one).

The components that surpassed my expectations were the blender cups. They are used with a small blade that I doubted could handle a soft-fruit smoothie, let alone a smoothie with leafy vegetables. I was pleasantly surprised. Day after day, these cups and their little blender blade make silky smooth green smoothies (to see the handiwork, check out Monday’s post on how to make a green smoothie). Even better, the cups come with lids so that you can take your smoothie with you. You just unscrew the blender blade when you’re finished bending and then screw in the lid. It’s quick, simple, and makes enjoying a healthy breakfast or snack that much easier.

I know I sound like I’m being paid to endorse Ninja (I’m not), but I am really impressed with this product — especially since it can be challenging to find a blender that works well but doesn’t cost a fortune (ahem, Vitamix). I’ve had a regular Ninja blender in the past and it did not perform nearly as well as this one when it comes to green smoothies. If you’re looking for a single unit to blend your smoothies and handle your food prep needs, consider this jewel. I know I haven’t been disappointed yet!

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