Worth the splurge? Liforme mats

I’ve written before about my favorite yoga mats, but I’d like to add another to the list: the Liforme mat.

I shied away from the Liforme for years; the $140-plus price tag seemed way too steep. Plus did I really need all those alignment doo-hickeys etched on the mat? And was it truly as grippy as the website claimed?
I changed my tune when a friend rolled into yoga one day with her Liforme. The mat was grippy and its 72″ x 26″ dimensions offered plenty of room for my long limbs. Plus, the mat was light enough to carry to and from class, yet substantial enough to cushion my joints.

Since I was due for a studio mat and a birthday, I decided to gift myself a Liforme mat. I was not disappointed; this mat is the real deal, y’all.

Here’s what I love:

It is grippy.

I practice hot yoga, but I loathe having a towel between my hands and my mat. It is therefore imperative that my mat stays grippy throughout a heated practice. The Liforme mat fits the bill in this respect.

It has alignment markings!

I really didn’t expect to like the alignment etchings. I figured I’ve practiced yoga for many years and had enough body awareness to know when I’m aligned. I was wrong. Though I don’t refer to the etchings in every asana, they’ve proven so useful in poses like side plank and revolved pyramid– poses in which it seems harder for me to maintain alignment. Notably, the etchings are ever so slightly textured, allowing you to feel for alignment rather than glancing at your hands in every down dog.

It doesn’t smell terrible.

When I first got my Lululemon mat a couple of years ago, it smelled so strongly of chemicals that I banished it to a closet for several days; when we shared a room, I always ended up with a headache. Though the smell eventually subsided, I wasn’t eager for a repeat. So, I was relieved when the Liforme mat came out of the box ready to use. A brief airing out before my first class helped get rid of that “new mat” smell and I was good to go.

It’s pretty and it ships quickly

This lovely red mat came to me within days after ordering. I love that I didn’t have to wait around for it to arrive.

All in all, this mat has been well worth the splurge so far. I’m glad I gave it a try!

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