Greensboro getaway

On our grand almost-cross-country road trip, we stopped in Greensboro, North Carolina for a conference. Though I went to college in nearby Durham and grew up in Charlotte, I had never spent much time in Greensboro. That’s too bad — Greensboro a cute town with a rich history, friendly people, and fantastic food. I’d like to highlight a few favorites from our time there:
1. International Civil Rights Center and Museum

You may have heard of the sit-ins at Woolworth’s counter in Greensboro. The International Civil Rights Center and Museum commemorates that moment and its era in the original Woolworth’s building. I enjoyed this museum primarily because instead of leading myself through a tour of artifacts and placards, I was lead by an engaging tour guide. She made the era come alive, including all the pain, frustration, anger, and hope that existed as blacks and our allies struggled for equal rights. The tour focused on well-known figures as well as the names and local heroes you don’t often see in history books. Definitely make time for this experience if you’re in Greensboro.
2. Crafted: The Art of the Taco

This place makes a mean street-style taco and, to my surprise, a pretty dynamite veggie burger. It’s a somewhat small eatery and a popular lunch spot, so if you’re with a larger group, you may have to wait.
3. Hops Burger Bar

Hops is a great place to take people who love mouthwatering burgers and have varying dietary needs. It’s easy to make any of their burgers gluten free, vegetarian, or vegan. I’m somewhat of a veggie burger connoisseur, and the cauliflower-mushroom patty at Hops is one of the best ever. I had subbed patty for beef on The Spicy Goat. The combination of creamy goat cheese and spicy-sweet pepper jelly made the burger really among of the best I’ve eaten. My kids were equally pleased with the Cuban Cow (piled high with pulled pork and homemade pickles)  and the Hops Classic (with bacon and American cheese).
4. Radiance Yoga

This list wouldn’t be complete without yoga!

I loved this cozy studio — the staff and teachers were warm and welcoming, and the instruction was informed, creative, and clear. I attended the wrist and shoulder-friendly power yoga class, which was challenging without a single chaturanga. Bonus: the studio has a retail area stocked with top-notch yoga gear (think Dharma Yoga Wheels and clothes by Liquido, Alo Yoga, and Hard Tail).

Have you ever been to Greensboro? If so, what are your favorite spots? I see our family stopping in again at some point in the future!

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