Road trip? Don’t forget to bring these!

For the past week, we’ve been on a road trip that’s taken us from Texas to the east coast. That’s well over 20 hours of driving one way (plus plenty of hotel yoga)! Such a long trip can make eating healthfully and staying hydrated pretty difficult. Luckily we brought along a few things that kept our bodies going strong:

A cooler full of sliced veggies, soft fruits, and protein

I hesitated to bring a cooler along, since space is a premium when you’re a family of five traveling halfway across the country. I’m so glad we went ahead and brought a cooler. I’m not a fan of stopping at fast food joints meal after meal, as healthy options can be few and far between when you’re on the road. So, we packed things like seven-layer dip (with guacamole, cheese, “refried” beans, and other yummies), pan fried Field Roast fake meat, turkey sandwiches, homemade vegan chocolate chip cookies, avocado, sliced cucumbers sprinkled with salt and pepper, sliced bell peppers, blueberries, and strawberries. Thanks to our cooler, we only ate one restaurant meal during two and a half days of driving. The fresh fruits and veggies helped us stay energized during the long hours.
Hard fruits and shelf-stable fruit

We bought a box of applesauce pouches from Target. These are great if you need fruit in a pinch.

We plowed through the fruit from the cooler pretty quickly, so it was nice to have more fruit that didn’t need refrigeration. We had apples and applesauce pouches to supplement hotel breakfasts and to serve as snacks once we got to our destination.
Electrolyte packets 

I love a good electrolyte packet. I like to use one per liter of water so the water has just a hint of flavor.

Since we were heading to a warm locale, and since I’m terrible about drinking lots of water when I travel, I brought along electrolyte packets. These Ultima are not too sweet and they were great for hydrating after a sweaty walk around an amusement park.

Powdered veggie packets

I’m always worried I won’t get enough veggies on the road, so I decided to try some powdered veggies. You add them to water, juice, coconut water, or a smoothie for extra nutrients, stir or shake and then enjoy! I’ll admit this is a bit of an acquired taste — my husband was definitely not a fan — but I was so keen on getting my greens that I happily slurped it down. Just be sure to shake or stir thoroughly, keeping in mind you may need to continue doing so every few sips.

Nutty protein bars

I love the energy boost and satiety offered by nutty protein bars from companies like Kind and Larabar. These came in so handy when we needed a good snack or when the hotel breakfast setup had slim pickings. I’d post a picture of the bars but we ate them ALL!
Water bottles!

Another Target find. We use these bottles during the school year with packed lunches, while running errands, and during trips. They are durable and so handy!

Last but not least, we brought our reusable water bottles so we could refill and rehydrate with ease. Though we still ended up buying some bottled water, we saved quite a bit of money buy bringing reusable bottles and I was better able to avoid dehydration by keeping up with how much water I actually drank.

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