Recipe Roundup!

Coming up with lunch and snack ideas can be a bit challenging, especially if you want something quick, healthy, tasty, and inexpensive. If you often find yourself in the same predicament, I hope you’ll find the recipe roundup below helpful.

I turn to these tried-and-true standbys when I need a snack or a lunchbox meal at the ready. Having them on hand helps me avoid tossing back potato chips, Cheetos, and cookies; instead, I get tasty meals and snacks with long-lasting energy.

All of these recipes keep for a few days as-is or refrigerated, and so you can get a lot of food with minimal labor.

1. Date balls from Detoxinista
This is probably the recipe I make most often, since I can have a bit of a sweet tooth.

The recipe contains no refined sugar, and the dates and nuts offer a nice protein-y energy boost. Having one or two at a time usually helps feed my hunger monster. I’ll also sometimes crumble one over plain yogurt and fruit to add another energy boost to my breakfast. For a chocolate-y variation, try adding some cacao nibs and cayenne pepper to the food processor or blender (just wear gloves or avoid touching your eyes after forming the balls).

Note: The recipe calls for coconut oil, but I’ve found that I can usually leave it out.

2. Chickpea Salad from Oh She Glows

Oh She Glows is chock full of delicious vegan recipes. Though I’m not vegan, I find that a mostly plant-based diet helps me feel energized and satisfied. This chickpea salad is a great example of yummy, tummy-pleasing vegan food! Just yesterday I enjoyed a serving of this salad with cornbread and chow chow. You could just as easily scoop some on a bed of lettuce for a leafy salad, or on bread for a vegan take on picnic sandwiches.

3. Walnut taco “meat” from Naked Avocado

I just love the taste and the texture of this spiced mixture. I eat walnut taco “meat” on crackers, on a sprouted grain tortilla with fresh avocado, or atop a salad. It’s also delish when thrown into a homemade vegan hash (think stir-fried potatoes, hearts of palm, peas, and your veggie of choice. This dish is a crowd-pleaser at our house).
I’ll be sure to share more of my favorites as I try recipes. I’m currently testing out raw macaroon recipes and will report back when I find a winner. What are your healthy snack and lunchbox go-tos?

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