Day of rest

Everyone I know seems to be busy. So many of us are rushing from place to place, grabbing a bite while we drive to work, and wondering how in the world we will get everything done on our to-do list.

I count myself among that busy crowd. With three kids at three different schools and with two parents working outside the home, our family constantly juggles meetings and activities. When we’re home, there’s always something to do: prepare lunches, do laundry, wash dishes, sign folders, complete paperwork, make dinner. It’s easy to feel like we have no time to stop. To rest. And yet, rest we must.

Rest is the balm for overly busy minds, and so I take delight in God’s call to keep a Sabbath. For me, the Sabbath — a day set aside for rest and contemplation — is a real gift. It reminds me that the world continues without my busyness, and that many things that seem to demand my attention are not as pressing as I sometimes believe. It is a reminder that my mind and body need time to rest and heal. In this spirit, I try to take one day to abstain from television and social media, and to rest my body from yoga or working out. Of course, some weeks are better than others. It’s easy to succumb to the constant pull of work and activities and other things I love. It’s also easy to succumb to things I don’t love, like Facebook or that stack of dirty dishes begging to be washed. And so I consider my Sabbath simply a work in progressing forward. One day, I will use an entire day each week for rest and reflection. No work. No distractions. Until then, I’ll continue resting the best way I can.

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