The leggings I’m loving right now

I’m always on the search for good workout gear, and I love to share great finds.
You may have heard of Liquido, the Brazilian activewear brand that features colorful patterns and what’s advertised as “buttery soft” fabric. I learned about Liquido this year after seeing some Instagram yogis wearing the brand’s fun, bright prints. When Liquido was running a special on its Om Stars line, which is designed by Kino Macgregor and Kerri Verna, I decided to give the brand a try since I was due for a pair of leggings.

The pants really do deliver. They are soft, lightweight, and moisture-wicking. I came to truly appreciate these qualities during a hot yoga class. Even when the temperature climbed, I never felt like I was sweltering. With some leggings, it can feel like every droplet of sweat is weighing down the fabric. These Liquido leggings, however, remained airy and cool. An added benefit was that they were unexpectedly grippy in arm balances. I usually prefer a little slip so that I engage my muscles more, but the extra friction was kind of a nice surprise.

I’d definitely buy another pair of these leggings, especially as I work to brighten up my closet and workout gear. The nice thing about Liquido is that the brand often has sales, which helps offset price. Be sure to follow the brand (and any other brand you dig) on Instagram so that you stay up-to-date with deals and giveaways. If you try Liquido, let me know what you think!

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