A yoga mat that’s worth the TLC

A little while back, I wrote about some of my favorite yoga mats. I mentioned that I loved the Manduka Pro, but that it was too slippery for hot yoga.

Wellllll, I decided to give it another go and try more of the breaking in tips listed on the Manduka site: I salted it, put it out in the sun for a few hours, and then wiped it down with an apple cider vinegar solution. The TLC was worth it; the  grip improved immensely! It’s still not as grippy as a Jade or Lululemon mat, but my Manduka Pro is finally grippy enough for hot yoga and is now my go-to mat.

For me, the extra work was worth having a mat that performs well AND has a lifetime guarantee — but I understand it’s also nice to have a mat that is ready to go as soon as you  purchase it.

Would you put in a couple of hours of work to have a mat that will last for years?

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