How to get into crow pose (video)

Even after about a decade of practice, crow pose — also known as bakasana — remains one of my favorite arm balances. The pose requires strong arms, an engaged core, and a fearless mind. For me, perseverance was key to understanding crow; the more I tried it, the more sense it made and the less afraid I was of faceplanting in the mat.

I hope the video below helps you progress in crow without the fits and starts I experienced. I offer a step-by-step guide to getting into the pose, with tips appropriate for just about any level of experience — even if this is your first-ever bakasana.

If you’re finding it challenging to remain in the pose for several breaths, take a peek at Monday’s post for some exercises that will help you strengthen the abdominal muscles engaged in crow. Awakening those muscles will help you achieve the stamina you seek in the pose.

In the meantime, have fun watching the video and trying  bakasana! Namaste!



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